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The Apple range of computers have been on my "in sight but out of reach" agenda for some time. I have respected them from a distance but never had the opportunity to use one. Recently I had the privilege of have a loan iMac from Apple to evaluate for its place within UCB\’s IT equipment range.

I must say I\’m impressed. It was rock solid, easy to use and impressive on performance. The new range includes Intel powered 2.4ghz chips that not only ran the native Apple applications with ease, but allowed you to either dual boot and start up Windows XP (or Vista) and run your comfort zone operating system with ease or run parallels.

Under Parallels you can boot into the Mac operating system and then start the Parallels program to begin a "Windows Session" in a Mac window. Amazing, easy and fluid. This app doesn\’t skip a beat so that you can carry your favourite windows app into your Mac environment. Just in case you\’re wondering you do need a legitimate Windows software licence to have this feature up and running.

In closing, my kids had a lot of fun with the inbuilt web cam and a software application called PhotoBooth. As an indication of the excitement it created,  have a look at these photos by clicking on them to see an enlarged version.