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Just about to start packing for New Zealand. I\’m up early and off to the airport for a morning flight that sees me in NZ by mid afternoon. Although a Pom from birth, growing up in New Zealand has a profound affect on a person and I always love coming home to NZ. Whether its the isolation from the rest of the world or the sense of comadarie that is birthed in a \’can do\’ country where everything can be fixed with a length of number eigth fencing wire the nation has a homing pigeon DNA that you get free on sign-up.

This trip is a very special one for me as discussions within UCB are about a subject very close to my heart. The direction of our discussions surround the internet and the subject of social networking. Can we see the idea developed for the cause of discipleship and the driver for online media as a congruent and encompassing pathway for Online Ministry. Right now I feel that some see a problem needing a solution instead of a goal needing a strategy. My prayer (and I\’d appreciate yours) is for the problem to become a dream and for like minds to be attuned to it\’s fulfillment.