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\"PeterThe BBC announced the 12th Doctor would be Peter Capaldi, a Glasgow born British actor with an Oscar and Bafta on the mantle piece. Capaldi had a guest spot in a 2008 episode of Dr Who and while he ironically had a role as a W.H.O Dr in the World War \’Z\’ movie, it was his role as the foul mouthed spin doctor, Malcolm Tucker from \”The Thick of It\” that has given him recent fame. The 55 year-old is a long term Dr Who fan who back at the age of 15 was writing to the papers encouraging them to do a 25 year special when it came up in 1988. Support for Capaldi\’s appointment has been coming in from a number of quarters including of course the current Doctor, Matt Smith. John Hurt and Stephen Fry both tweeted their congratulations;

Congratulations to Peter Capaldi and to the BBC. Another splendid Doctor!

— John Hurt (@WithJohnHurt) August 4, 2013


Well, at least they’ve chosen a wonderful actor… #DrWho

— Stephen Fry (@stephenfry) August 4, 2013

Currently he has just finished doing a BBC version of the Three Musketeers which is a role removed from many of his roles. Looking at his performances and acting range you could ask if he was the cheaper \’Hugh Laurie\’ for the role. With the craggy face and the wide \”possum in the head-lights\” look he will give the role a whole new dimension. Peter Capaldi begins filming for the new series in the English Autumn.

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