Parents & Sex

Parents & Sex

I’ve just finished reading through some books on sex and dating from a series by Hungry Planet. Also in there amongst these newly found guides was a book from another publisher by Matthew Paul Turner. What has impressed me as a Dad with four kids from 8 (and 3/4) to 16 is how brilliantly all of these authors have communicated the key information and kept the message ‘on song’. I was looking for some resources to help Mum & Dad as well as our growing adults and these books deliver.

Haley & Michael DiMarco from Hungry Planet handled some great material on dating including; “The Art of the First Date”, “The Art of Small Talk”, “The Art of the Chase” and “The Art of Rejection”. Previously Haley had combined with youth communicator Justin Lookadoo to write “The Dirt on Breaking Up” which I also had alongside Justin’s book “The Dirt on SEX”. All of these books were just over 100pgs of A5 reading and well structured to keep your attention for a quick but engaging read.

You will also enjoy reading of the personal tidbits such as how Haley and Michael met online. The honesty and experiences like this contribute to being able to speak to the current generation. Nothing is left out in these books and some of the stats included will amaze. Scared to talk about condoms, masturbation and STDs? These books talk to the issues with honest feedback from authors and real life young people sharing their journey.

Finally I had the enticement of reading Matthew Paul Turners book “What you didn’t learn from your parents about sex” which was subtitled (Matthew, as if the main title wasn’t long enough) “a guide to a touchy subject”. The former editor of CCM Magazine is a funny, real and informed writer who knows his reader. Matthew cuts to the chase in this 260pg feast of thought and does a great job of pulling us in to line on where a balanced view of sex should be. Cutting back the legalistic, the timid and the christianese we find a book that should be read by teens, parents, engaged and the wandering lost souls of early marriage who just weren’t given a decent map book to their sexual journey.

Are you a parent, confused or both? Get these books for yourself your teens and to make available to friends who don’t know the first step of bringing their kids into first base with healthy relationships and ‘appreciation’ for sex. I’m sure they’re at your local bookstore or online but for more info see these sites.


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