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Just watching the \’latest\’ Peter Pan with my daughter. Wendy\’s daughter \’Jane\’ has traveled to Neverland and fallen for the grown up lies of Captain Hook. Of course the difficult question to be asked is; \’Does Hook represent Jane\’s Dad or Granddad?

The one thing I love about the old Walt Disney movies is they would follow on from the old story format of parables. Jesus did it best with his ability to weave spiritual truth into the lives of everyday people. Often we can be in the same country and not speak the \’same language\’. Its not about French, Cantonese or dialects gone by. More to the point we have often found that we have complicated our basic language by either adding new words or the changes of structure through colloquialisms and slang. However when language fails and our communication doesn\’t deliver the intended message we can come back to a \’story\’ where we simplify the elements to make sure the actual message remains strong.

\"Who Aesop\’s fables tried and so did Mother Goose, but pick up a Bible and see what Jesus did in the Gospel books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The master storyteller had a message that has spanned ages. Incredibly people have looked at the Bible in many ways for many needs and constantly found answers for their situation. It has proven in the life of its readers, the ability to adapt and yet be consistent.

I remember one person saying in reference to the Bible and going to Heaven that \’Bible\’ stood for \’Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

More important, when you read the whole Bible you see its a Love Story to you.