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Introduction to Reset42

You’ve followed the bread crumbs and arrived at our new page for the Reset42 podcast. We will shortly have the links for you to subscribe via iTunes but as the cogs turn at Apple you can listen online here on this page or at our Podcast hosting platform page over at Podbean.  Above you will also see links to subscribe on Spotify and the Stitcher podcast app. Some podcast apps also allow you to manually load the podcast ‘feed’ address which you can get by clicking on the Podcast RSS button above or copy and paste this address into your podcast app. 


Sharing the Podcast

To share an episode you can visit our podcast hosting page and then share the page in your social media channels or you will see a share button on the right of screen in the player below which also lets you share the audio to your favourite social media platform.

Community Conversations

I would love to see the podcast start a conversation for you and especially once we start to hear from our interview guests. Join us on Facebook by liking our page and joinin our online group here.

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