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\"ChuckWhat a great day. Today I was caught up in many things from the buffet breakfast that could swallow a man whole through to the awesome worship session that has begun the \’Redeem the Airwaves\’ conference. Included in the day was the dedication of the new studios designed and built for \’The Edge\’. The picture on the left is of Chuck Quinley, Hal Short and Jim Reyes as they cut the ribbon while one of the team watches on to make sure everyone gets a balloon. After a pleasant yet \’full-on\’ breakfast\’ I decided I needed a wee follicle trim. Draw your conclusions as to what the connection was. Now being a guy who is reasonably qualified with an IQ worth using I decided to ask for directions. That was my first mistake. Where is the hair dresser? Go this way then turn this way and that way. A little later and I have to check into the local 7/11. By this time I\’ve past 5 armed guards in front of small banking outlets. And these aren\’t pistol armed but \’rifles at the ready, circle the wagons armed\’. OK, I work through the cue at the 7/11 to the front counter where you can buy a single banana in a display case for 150pesos and I ask \’where is the hairdresser?\’ Oh the one near the cinemas – go this way and that way. Well a long walk later and I am around the other side of the block 75m from where I had first asked for directions. Gotta love that morning air – Fresh! 🙂 So into David\’s Salon I dive. 12 staff around and 5 clients, this will be good. I ask if they do Men\’s hair and I\’m offered a price list selection. Uh I don\’t get it. Oh the price depends on seniority of the stylist. I decide to go all out for the best. I need a hair miracle. 400pesos and it begins. First the assistant takes me for a wash. The hair needed a cleansing agent and the scalp could do with a massage to ease those cares away. Next into the fray for the cut. With skill and creativity the number 4 blade eases its way through the grooves and undulations of this bonce they call a head. The interesting thing is I am the centre of attention. Oh the adulation. No, it appears I\’m in the \’new\’ chair.But wait there\’s more; the assistant is following round Ms. Mita as she cuts my locks steadily (yup that\’s her name) and is steadily monitoring and brushing every remnant from my shoulders, forehead and neck. Back to the Hotel for my 11am meeting with Jim Reyes. I\’m running late and the new streamlined haircut takes 2mins off my time. Jim and I sit down to go through the UCB International website. It has had a lot of work done and Jim is to be commended for fitting it in around his other roles. We decide it\’s time for a break and head down to the local Landmark shopping centre to buy a short sleeve shirt and have some lunch. After a quick shirt purchase for 240pesos (about AUD$6.50) we have lunch. I want/need a smoothie but there isn\’t one to be found. With that in mind we are recommended for a drink that looks like it has Mobil synthetic oil over ball bearings in the bottom, with frosted snow flakes on top. Mmm caramel over tapioca with milk and ice on top. If you can get used to drinking and swallowing marbles at the same time you will be on to a winner with this one. \"100_1803\"After lunch Jim checks out to head for the Station dedication preparation for The Edge Radio. I then ventured into retail land. First stop the Glorietta Mall. WOW – this makes the credit card bounce in your wallet. The sad thing was the security getting in to the shopping centre. What ever happened to trying to stop thieves getting out not stopping the shoppers from getting in. Anyway, on the recommendation of friends I make my way to SM \’Shoe Mart\’. While this is a lot more than a shoe shop now one of the Philippines major department stores. The reason for going is that I am told that the price is right. This proves to be a great reason as I find presents for both my boys here that I am sure they will love. \"100_1815\"Next its a quick dash back to the hotel. Sadly this is the time when the toilet fails to flush and overflows – of yeah! It settles down to below the brim so I head off to the opening of "The Edge\’s" new studio on the hope it will clear. Into our transport with Sherry Quinley we head to enjoy the opening of the studio. I\’m a little nervous as I have been secretly guest listed as the leader of singing. What were they thinking. Anyway, knowing that \’How great thou art\’ is the features song I check out Wikipedia to confirm words and am blessed to find it was written by a 25yo preacher. That to me is a great connect with the work done by \’The Edge\’ radio as they are aiming into the early 20s market. Well I need to hit the sack, but tune in next time when I will tell you about the amazing worship and great message that has kicked off this conference.