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I\’m turning over a new life. For a long time I have noticed the lack of care given to every desk pet on the planet. I have cleaned their track balls. I have fed them when no one was looking, but still they continue to be abused and overused. Yup the humble computer mouse has been over-clicked and dragged across the pad for too long. I for one want to see the humble mouse respected for the way that each day they point us in the right direction. The mouse is our guide. Don\’t abuse the guide! Recently I found a new site that could provide a way forward. At least we would see a decline in \’clicking\’ which has crushed the spirit of many a good mouse. If you agree then please visit www.dontclick.it In the meantime here is a laboratory example of the abuse that has been seen on our desks everyday,.. and NO ONE CARES 😉 Ain\’t they just the cutest little critters?