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Like anyone I\’m interested in \’ease of use\’ when it comes to the online blogging and publishing arena. Oh and give me the ability to make it \’my space\’ not a poorly constructed corporate template. The newly launched \’SquareSpace\’ could answer many of the issues of simplicity in online publishing with this new release. Take a trip through the demo and be impressed at the realtime editing of styles, format and look that can be driven into your site. The demo indicates developers will be able to integrate CSS styles but is it the "be all and end all" of a solution for those who want to maintain content control.

While a 14 day free trial version is available (without credit card details) the real test for me won\’t be in ease of use, but rather control. The monthly pricing start at USD$7 for 0.5GB of storage 6GB of bandwidth. You would agree its quite expensive for what you get in terms of \’storage\’ but you are obviously paying for the \’smarts\’. My concern is that the \’smarts\’ are only a little further down the track than other online publishing options and may not be worth the long term cost.

We all move through technology steps, yesterday some HTML site in \’Hotdog\’, today WordPress or Blogger and tomorrow!? Well thats another story. Will Squarespace be there and if not how do I move my content? Like any managed service the promise needs to be backed up by keeping our precious thoughts close to our chest in the sense of BACKING UP your content at HOME!

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