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Here are a few pics of my trip through the Grand Palace on Sunday. Our guide was Rachel and she presented a brilliant explanation of the background of the buildings both from a architectural and building perspective as well as the spiritual motivations behind some of the Buddhist beliefs. A great information on the palace can be found at wikipedia by clicking here.

On the same tour was the temple of the Emerald Buddha but photography wasn\’t allowed inside only outside the building. However some photos and a background to this figurine can be found here. The Buddha isn\’t actually emerald but Jade and only the King of Thailand is allowed to touch it when he changes its dress at the change of seasons three times a year.

Phil Edwards and I had a great time seeing the grandeur and history of this very engaging people. While being impressed by the character and heart of the Thai people we struggled to understand the diversity of people from the beggar on the street to the high class shopping malls that would put Beverly Hill to shame.