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\"ChuckOn the UCB International team is an incredible family called the Quinley\’s. Chuck and Sherry head up our UCB-IFA (Initiative for Asia) team in the Philippines. Coming up soon between the 14th and 16th of June I will be attending the UCB regional conference being organised by them in Manila. I am really looking forward to being inspired by the work that is going on in the Philippines and intend to bring back testimonies, stories and pictures of the UCB members who are attending this very special event. Maybe you could come or know someone in the Philippines who should be involved. Check out their conference site www.redeemtheairwaves.net and their radio stations at www.theedgeradio.net. Listen online to the sound created by a team of passionate people headed up by Ron Titular who are spreading the Gospel through the Philippines. Yup, the Quinley\’s are a mad couple as this video shows.