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\"Home We're edging closer and closer to moving into our new home.

If you haven't had an opportunity to look at the progress over the last few weeks then take the time now to visit out Picasaweb photo gallery site. It has become a timeline of the journey.

Here you will see where it all began with the progression from a KFC dinner and prayer time back in March. The land was prepared in late Sept, the slab went down around the 8th October and we are nearly finished. 

\"DiamondsHere we have the new entrance way leading into our foyer, then lounge and then family area. The chocolate diamond is a taste of the other colours you will see through the house and the chrome accent tones in with the brush stainless steel that is part of the kitchen, bathroom and door furniture. Hmmm Chocolate!!



The kitchen is also moving closer to completion and now with its new tiles and splashback nearly finished it's nearly dinner time. The entire setting using nice light colours gives the home a light and airy feel and makes the most of allowing the light coming in the windows to be reflected throughout the home.


Based on all information to hand it seems we will be moving in around the 19th to the 21st. If you can lend a hand then please call us 🙂