The Kick

2020 has been a year like no other and for many, it will have memories of challenges and stresses that needed to be overcome. At the same time, there will be stories and legends of triumphs. Things that were accomplished, changes and improvements to life, business and community that came out of these desperate times.

“Necessity is the Mother of Invention” is an old saying that draws our attention to the fact that sometimes we need desperation as a catalyst to do the thing we’ve been putting off. This habit of procrastination hits a brick wall when we “must” do something. I think 2020 will have had many of those moments by the time we’ve finished.

And so, with that thinking when the first steps of the ‘lock down’ started to happen, the business I work within, Excite Media, started to ask itself, “How will this affect us?”. We honestly didn’t know if our digital marketing, web design and graphic design services would be a luxury or a necessity. This led us to quickly enact a lot of brainstorming neuron power to determine how we could give ourselves the best opportunity to keep ourselves in front of clients and work actively so that our team could survive together.

Out of this experience, we’ve all worked many hours and connected numerous initiatives for both Excite Media and both new and old clients. It’s an amazing team comprised of passionate, talented and jointly committed people.

One piece of the puzzle that I have been pleased to be involved in has been “The Kick”. This live Facebook and YouTube show started with a nearly daily frequency that is now dialled back “a little” to twice a week. Each Tuesday and Thursday we want to bring a guest to our clients and connections who has some value to contribute to the small business ecosystem we work in. We have brought in experts in various spheres of business as well as those with an inspiring story to tell, and there will be more.

To discover The Kick for yourself, follow us on the Excite Media Facebook Page or join us on our YouTube Channel.