Unless the Lord builds the House

Unless the Lord builds the House

Psalm 127 v 1 says it all and “Kookaburra Place” is taking shape. Well, I have to say the speed with which our new home has come from a patch of dirt to the beginnings of rooms in the form of the framework has taken us completely by surprise.

This journey of God’s provision for the Pitchford family home has been a great testimony. We constantly have been blessed by the many different people and things that joined together to help this house take place.

Here is a picture of the framework up with two days until the roof goes on. Next, I went for a walk through the framework. We’ve uploaded it to YouTube so you can see what’s ahead.

This was Tuesday night when I went down to look at the home around 5:30 pm. It was a lovely evening and nice to see the sun shining through the gum trees onto our new house. I met a local man called Morrie who has been living in the area for some time. We had a good chat while his dog Megan went foraging for a few snacks from the building sites. It was great to be able to tell him how this house is an answer to prayer. I’ll keep you updated with the next exciting episode. The roof comes tomorrow!


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