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Well Operation Build has begun with day one of the four day Visionathon. Our national on-air appeal is to see the ministry firmly established and the studios improved beyond their broom closet status. We really need to move out of \’renting\’ to ensure we are not in a precarious position should either of our landlord\’s decide to change their plans.

If you would like to look around the office and studios of UCB Australia then visit www.vision.org.au where we have a 6 minute video that you can view in a variety of formats. If you can help us with a donation then click on the banner below.


If you would like to read the testimony of the day that saw over $75,000 raised in one hour then keep reading;

At 7:30am on day one, UCB\’s CEO Ian Worby received a call from an anonymous Queensland businessman who wanted to donate with a twist. He said that as a challenge he would match and double all gifts given during the hour of 7:30am to 8:30am up to $50,000. This announcement started a series of hilarious giving with over $27,000 raised during that period. The businessmen then contacted Ian to confirm he would put in his $50,000 to take that hours total over $75,000.

What an amazing start to this fundraising weekend.