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\"image\"Hey, I\’m the first to agree I lurv (you read it correctly \’love\’) my 32GB iPod Touch and the idea of an iPhone is quickly setting in as well. I\’ve found that since using my iPod touch I will spend more time keeping abreast of email or updating my Facebook status via this device than starting up my laptop or rushing to login on the family PC.

It just feels easy for mail but now where do I stand when it comes to using Safari for browsing? Its kind of a bit of give and take. I know sites that are easy to browse to and others I think, \’stuff it\’ I\’ll wait until I\’m in front of a real screen. But will you or I lose people on the same basis of their choice when coming to our blog sites?

Now I have the answer for my blog and using a great plugin from the team at Bravenewcode we have upgraded our WordPress based blog to be a iPhone friendly (and for that matter iPod Touch friendly) website. This plugin has just received an update to version 1.2 and in the process overcome some issues to do with its initial use of Prototype Java. Now its all go, super fast over 3G/Edge as well as your WiFi home browsing of our Blog.

Congrats to the team at Bravenewcode. They give you great options like changing colour sets and being able to personalise the base look and feel through icon assignments to your pages or categories.  As well as this you can choose which pages appear in your menu system if you want your static content or contact details to appear in this recompiled presentation. Then if your friends change their mind and want to flip back into your regular \’full screen\’ presentation they can click on \’Normal View\’ at the bottom of the page and let Safari do its thing.

Painless, quick and super smart.