What’s Next Marketing

An overview of the What’s

What’s Next Marketing is a podcast aimed at freelancers, business owners, marketing professionals and agencies. Right now we have more choice than ever before in terms of online marketing tools and strategy. When it comes to the digital solutions, the software options are hard to keep up with and if a new player arrives on the market users may be reticent to move without understanding the benefits.

We begin live video sessions in October and then launch podcast episodes beginning to be published in December.

The goal of the What’s Next Marketing podcast is to provide decision-makers with access to resources that will allow them to find new innovative solutions. At the same time we bring understanding on the latest marketing strategies through interviews with leading marketing thinkers so our audience can make informed choices when there are many options in their view.

We know there are many drivers for choosing a software solution for a business. Budget may be a priority for some, whereas a specialist feature set works for someone else. And just like digital marketing where some seek a specialist while others want a full-service agency, the tool that is a swiss army knife multi-tool option may work for others.

As we look at how to provide information and value to our listeners, please consider if you are able to provide a page on your website addressed to our audience. If a unique offer, download or trial can be made available you will help improve the urgency and response to your time on our podcast.

Something in this format would be ideal www.yourco.com/whatsnextmarketing

Let’s find out what your product provides for the market with a 25min interview on What’s Next Marketing.

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