Who’s Your Dragon?

Who’s Your Dragon?

Every great story starts with the Damsel in distress because of a Dragon on the loose. Your brand also has a story that is unique and we want to help you tell it. The first part of creating a marketing strategy that includes a brand story is deciding who are your customers. Defining your customer gives you a target audience and for your business this helps you in deciding what is your business offering. If the customer is a Damsel then what is her need? Is it s Prince, a Ring or simply freedom from the Tower she’s been locked in? Once we know who needs help you can start the mission to rescue the lady from the hot breath of the lizard with an attitude. Who is your Damsel?

The Dragon

The villain in a story can take many forms, interfering with your plans for a safe and prosperous kingdom. By using a SWOT analysis as part of developing your marketing plan we can clearly identify who is the Dragon in the story. Now we can start to pour water on the Dragon’s fire and get to the lair where the gold is stored. Like many business plans that are ‘TOS’ (Top of Shelf), we need your SWOT to be reviewed at least annually to make sure you are aiming your water at the source of the flame.

By bringing a consultant into your business you allow your business to be reviewed for a number of benefits that can take your business forward. Work with an outside party to do a SWOT analysis and see what you will find. Fresh eyes see fresh fields of opportunity and because they don’t work in the forest a consultant may see efficiencies in systems and misplaced staff who could benefit your business through training or reassignment. While the dragon in our story can be amongst our competitors or the market, it can also be right under our noses. Who’s Your Dragon?

The Knight

Happy endings don’t come along by accident. Our Damsel needs a hero and that’s where you ride in to save the day. Like any superhero, you need a signature move and we help you define your ‘offer’. Any dragon worth his salt knows you stay clear of St. George but if Tom the stable hand came along it might be Tom on Toast for dinner. A good brand gives credibility and a profile. Your business should be clearly known for its products and service. Decide today that your marketing will no longer be sporadic and work with an advisor to develop a marketing plan for the next twelve months.

With a successful marketing campaign, you and our Knight will become known throughout the realm.


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