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Thanks to the wonders of email I received an update promotional email from Willow Creek today from their team preparing for the GLS 2012 – Global Leadership Summit. I know its not a new technology but how do they know how to deliver the right stuff on the right day? Amazing \"Smile  It included this YouTube video from Pastor Ben Snyder. My reason for posting this is because many spikey haired 18-19 year olds need to know they can live again. I remember the stuff-ups that I racked up like high scores in my late teens and early twenties. It seemed I took the advice of “keep failing forward” as a mandate for high velocity speed wobbles. As I recognised my failure in amongst life's joys and sorrows part of me wants to do the whole early adult years again. Partly so I can put right a few wrongs and partly so I can remember what it was like to feel the wind in my hair and the gentle massage of a comb.

If you’re wondering about life after stupidity before you deal with life after death, then know that you’re in good company. As we live we find in amongst the things we do are the hopes we dream. I’ve learned my first step in the right direction is to accept God’s forgiveness. That one seemed easy but was actually hard for a while. I needed to look more at God’s character in his faithfulness to forgive rather than expecting God to act like me. And now the second step is to look forward and let the new day deliver fresh hope. Behind me is rust and decay so I’ll look ahead where I see new growth, fresh bread, clear water and brighter days.