Reset42 Launches

On the 1st of October the podcast Reset42 officially launched. The weekly podcast starts with a seven episode backstory to the podcast’s vision. Then on the 19th November the first in a series of real life interviews starts with guests who have ‘reset’ their lives or are in the process of finding space, inspiration and fresh purpose as they reset.

How to have an intentional day off

It began with good intentions 8th of January, can you believe a week of 2020 has passed already, and still, yes still, I am planning …

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New Day for 4-Day Workweek

And on the “fifth day,” he multiplied

2019 marked the end at Excite Media of an institution that has been around in society for over a 100 years. For many years the …

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Reset42 Podcast Goes Live

Imagine having a dream for more than ten years and wondering what it might look like when its finally birthed. That give you a taste …

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Tolkien Movie: Life is brutal, love seems futile, yet Fellowship abounds

You don’t need to see Tolkien to know that life is a battlefield. But to experience life through J. R. R. Tolkien’s eyes, is to …

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What becomes of a Reset Life?

This is the question I am on a journey to answer. As I have mentioned to many friends and family, I have become convinced that …

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