This Can Be Secondary Heading

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I’m Andrew Pitchford, and I’ve been on an exciting journey in the business world for over 30 years. Let me share a bit about what I do.
In 1995, I realized the potential of the Internet for businesses like yours. Since then, I’ve been helping businesses thrive by connecting them with the right people in the digital world. Near the very beginning back in 1997, I received recognition for creating a website for a national radio network that won its’ category in an American Broadcasting Industry competition. We were on the cutting edge and it was a proud moment!
But here’s the real scoop: I’m all about learning and staying up-to-date. From understanding what makes a business tick to crafting messages that hit the mark, I’ve got you covered. My goal is to help your business shine by putting you in front of the right audience, using smart strategies that just make sense.
My journey also led me to play a key role at the acclaimed digital marketing agency, Excite Media, where I specialize in strategic business growth. I help businesses like yours find exciting ways to expand and succeed. It’s not about fancy tricks – it’s about understanding your goals and making them happen.
Here’s what sets me apart: I’m not one for jargon or overly complicated stuff. I’m your down-to-earth partner who gets what you need and knows how to make it happen. Whether it’s finding the perfect words to reach your customers or using the latest tools wisely, I’ve got your back.
While I confess I’m an early adopter and enjoy playing with the new toys and social channels, I’m first and foremost a problem solver. When there’s a challenge, I figure out how to use the best tools – including new technology – to get the job done right. Your business objectives are what matter most to me.
So, if you’re ready to take your business to new heights, let’s team up. Together, we’ll make your business goals a reality. You’re involved from the start. We agree on goals and put a big-picture strategy in place. Then identify and set up the right tactics. From here we measure results and adjust the recipe.
No fancy wizardry or magic wand required!