About Andrew Pitchford


I’m Andrew Pitchford. I Help Business Owners Grow.

As a business owner or senior manager, you are likely facing multiple challenges in every hour of the day or week in the year. I see people in your frontline capacity and I am immediately drawn to jumping in with you and helping with a strategy to improve the status quo. Often my involvement includes developing solutions to the current blockage in your business. At the same time I like to leverage the available resources to enable future growth by lifting you out of the current problem in order to position you with direction and momentum.
Let’s support you, challenge you, and inspire you to fulfil your business goals and teach you how to overcome the daily hurdles. Through tenacity and ingenuity we can build foundations for the future that will benefit you, your family, staff and the community of customers you had the original vision for.

Each day you may be faced with choices, and how to prioritise work, life, family and personal dreams.

Take time, a breath and look for the crack.
It's where the hope gets in.


For 12 years I had the privilege of being the COO of a national broadcasting company with multiple business activities and a huge geographic footprint and the associated challenges of managing across distance. While my role was under the heading of ‘Operations’ it had a strong emphasis on problem-solving the day to day business challenges from IT technology, finance and human resources through to the marketing focus of the company.

My personal leaning across my career has seen me gravitate towards both the technology and marketing roles. This has opened up ways for me to solve efficiency and expenditure related challenges through the best use of technology. With my marketing hat on I had the potential to positively affect business strategy and our income streams by increasing our customer reach and developing product and pricing solutions suited to increasing or sustaining revenue.

When you talk to people who have worked alongside me you will find I am an active coach and take an invested approach in the welfare and development of growing of my team. The application of this can be in terms of skills, improved EQ and drawing out the leadership attributes of younger team members.

Let’s take a step back to see where the digital marketing component has come into focus. A number of my early career positions were involved in retail sales from managing furniture departments in a national retail chain through to the sales management positions working for Toyota and Honda. All these roles included the reviewing and implementing marketing strategies. Over the years this has resulted in a high level of training and knowledge that has become an integral part of my roles. 

Tied into marketing has been my natural early adopter makeup. From computer systems to technology I have constantly engaged myself in new technology services. I created my first website in 1995 when Windows 95 came out and dial-up internet was available for $11/hour. From here I created a website for a radio network which won a US broadcast industry award because frankly there were very few entries in those days.
Around 2005 my activity in Social Media began with a fresh new Facebook account as the social network has started the previous year. I quickly became the advisor on all things social media. Blogging began in October 2007 using a WordPress self-installed website.  In 2008 I joined Twitter and would sign up to any social network that was launched. This has given me 14 years of solid hands-on experience in using and developing online communications with the latest technology for marketing purposes.
Today, I am here to help you with the same skills to enable you to navigate marketing your business. My operations and marketing background has enabled me to quickly analyse a ‘total picture’ view of a business and at the same time identifying problems and opportunities for attention. Now I have a current and wide range of business solutions using the channels and technology of today. The principles of marketing communication and strategy haven’t changed but the doors to new business and keys to open them are different in the digital channels today than they were ten or twenty years ago.
Let’s open fresh doors to your business growth through the right strategic approach to your digital marketing.

Topics I Can Help You With


Growth Plans

Stagnancy comes through a lack of vision and vision isn’t present when there is no growth plan. Standing still is just another way of going backwards so let’s grow.




The digital window on our world is where marketing has the most impact and measurable returns. This is where we can focus clear customer oriented marketing.



From our personal brand through to the story a business will tell a customer, branding is at the heart of every business success story.



Navigating tactics in business and marketing is like dancing on shifting sand. Strategy is made up of the principles that hold it together.


Staff Culture

Business health is often found pumping through the staff culture of your team. A health check and ensuring clear understanding of values is vital to health and success.



Developing ourselves and a new generation comes through clear mentoring programs that tutor and challenge. Contribution to life  comes through mentoring.



Leadership is  often misinterpreted as control. However a better picture is power under control used to the benefit of others and not self.


Life Skills

Lessons learned are of no benefit unless they are shared. Building on mentoring and leadership we should share life skills that benefit the individual’s journey.