Who I Am

Complex only begins to tell the tale of Andrew Pitchford. You may have come across me for the first time or you could be an old friend trying to glean some new background on my sordid past. The truth is I am a guy with a past. Thankfully I can also tell you a little about my present and the future.

What I Do

What I do is a uniquely different proposition from who I am. Like all of us we go through stages in life where we take on challenges, grow through experience and learn new skills. While I am involved in Christian Media as an industry or activty, I would say that I ‘do’ two things.

What I Live For

Passions change and ideals can too but sometimes what we live for is a mixture of tempered desire and values based on experience. What I previously lived for could have been bought but what I live for today can only be acquired through grace, generosity and time.